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Course Contents

• High Probability Positional Trades using Traders Behavior.
• Learn to Identify potential short covering rally/Long Liquidation setups.
• Learn when to use supertrend and when not to use supertrend.
• Lintra – Intraday and Positional Trading System for Bank Nifty.
• Vlintra – Positional Trading System for Bank Nifty and High Beta Stocks.
• Vlintra – Ultimate – Intraday Portfolio Trading System and How to Automate it.
• Quick Flip Trading System – Use to identify momentum trades & identify the trend very earlier for investing.
• How to understand the emotions behind gaps and how to trade gaps and When to trade – before the event / post the event.

• Managing the Risk with Heding Positions.
• Potential Market Top/Bottom Setups using Market Profile.
• Money Management Practices, When to Scale in/Scale Out.
• How to set up a professional charting desk/ required software tools/accessories.
• How to Identify sideways markets using Expected Value.
• How to Identify Trading Range for Nifty using PCR charts.
• How to Identify where most of the traders keep their stop loss.
• How to Identify the Market Confidence using Market Confidence Indicator.
• How to Identify Trend Cycles using Turbo RSI.
• Learn to do Top Down Analysis and How to build a successful day trading plan.


1) Lifetime Access to Marketcalls Private & professional trading community
2) Access to Recorded Webinars on Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Options Studies, Market Profile , Harmonics & Volume Analysis with more than 100+ hours of recorded webinars
3) Access to Tradestudio ( Marketcalls Proprietery Trading Systems/Indicators/Scanners/Algos/Trading Alerts)


Mr. Rajandran
Full Time Trader, Founder of Marketcalls & co-founder of Traderscafe.
Rajandran is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls and co-founder of Traderscafe, hugely interested in building timing models, algos , discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders, professional traders to individual traders.

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Traderz Hut’s Day Trader Workshop

Our Day Trader Workshop intends to help traders equipped with simple yet powerful day trading tested proved strategies to be a successful Day Trader.

Program Takeaways
5- Easy steps to become a successful trader & earn regularly

Weekly Bank NIFTY option Strategy
Learn Bank NIFTY weekly Option Trading Strategy and Earn multi-fold returns

AlgoTrading automated strategy for NIFTY & Bank NIFTY
Get algoAuto Trading strategy on NIFTY & Bank NIFTY for 1-month

LEAP – Live Online Trading Room
Learn real time trading strategies via Live Online Trading Room with the Trainer for 1 – month
Apply all strategies learned in workshop live with mentor Learn Earn & Prosper – LEAP

Join our Telegram Group & get trading ideas
Join our Telegram Group & Get access to low risk high probable trade setups in NIFTY, BANK NIFTY and stocks for 2 – months

Join Traderz Hut Inside community & learn
Get access to Traderz Hut insider community discussion forum
Get real-time trading and investment ideas with charts from mentor posted in discussion forum
Interact with fellow traders and learn while you earn

Trade Quest Weekly Webinar – Know forthcoming week trading ideas
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Wealth Doctor
Get your portfolio reviewed by the Expert
Have 1-1 consulting with the mentor and get designed blueprint of your tailor-made trading plan and investment strategy as per your needs



This is an INTENSIVE WORKSHOP in which we will help you to understand the myths and hacks of wealth & money based on our 32 years of RICH EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE in Capital Markets.
We will personally handhold you to make YOUR FINANCIAL BLUEPRINTand teach you the ways and means of MULTIPLYING YOUR MONEY, so that you can achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM at the earliest & live a fantastic life.

Not only this intensive Workshop change your mindset, it will also reveal secrets of investing in Capital Markets, which will accelerate you to achieve your financial goals. We will also share with you, a method in which You can make one crore in 20 years with an Investment of less than Rs 7000/- per month.

Topics Covered:
The Concept of Financial Freedom
The Concept of Wealth
The DNA of Capital
The Rule of 72
The ‘C’ factor in Investing & modes of Investment
How to Create your own Financial Blueprint
Economic Cycles of Economies
The Concept of Future Self
Introduction to Stock Markets
Introduction to Mutual Funds- Types
How to choose the Right Stocks for you?
How to choose the Right Mutual funds & get the Maximum return?
The single most important secret of investing.
A Complete shortcut to investing like the Pro’s.

About Jugdish Ahuja
Mr. Jugdish Ahuja has been the Ex-President of the Bangalore Stock Exchange and possibly the youngest President of any Stock Exchange in the world. He has transformed 6 organizations completely which he had headed or been a core part of in the past 2 decades. His enormous experiences as the President of the Bangalore Stock Exchange have left him with some rich & valuable lessons.

Being spiritually inclined, he believes it’s this God Given Gift, which he wants to share with all & is on a MISSION to educate 1 Million Indians from the age of 18-80 on Finance, because he believes if Freedom is your Birthright, then Financial Freedom is also your Birthright. He is an Internationally Certified Trainer by Success Resources Singapore and is currently authoring a book on Financial Freedom.