TRADEx Daily Updates – Mon, 22 July 2019

TRADEx Daily Updates

TRADEx Daily Updates
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The Nifty futures was down by 171.35 points or 1.48% to settle at 11,433.00. Open Interest decreased by 3.14%.

Nifty July 2019 futures expected move is ±1.01%.

Nifty PCR-OI: 0.74; Nifty PCR-Volume: 0.87.

Nifty options maximum OI outstanding Calls was at 11600 Strike Price and maximum OI outstanding Puts was at 11300 Strike Price.

Nifty July 2019 Max Pain Level: 11500.

Index Futures Turnover( cr.) :27,153.56
Total F&O Turnover( cr.) :11,25,854.80

TOP OI GAINER : MINDTREE – 7,614; COI:2,814(58.62%);
TOP OI LOSER : TATAELXSI – 10,113; COI:-2,206(-17.91%);

TradeAction Daily Update 19-07-2019
TradeAction Daily Update 19-07-2019
Derivative Direction 19-07-2019
Derivative Direction 19-07-2019

FREE Preview Webinar On Option Hydra


FREE Preview On Option Hydra

Foundational Futures and Options Trading Basics
1) Introduction to Futures & Options Trading Terminologies
2) View-Based Option Trading / Event-Based Option Trading
3) Using Technical Analysis for Option Trading
4) Trading Weekly Options Vs Monthly Options
5) OTM, ITM, ATM Options

Understanding Option Greeks, Volatility, Time Decay and Option Tools
1) How to use Option Action
2) How to create Create Trading Strategies
3) How to understand Payoff Graph
4) Introduction to Options Greeks, Option Pricing
5) Implied Volatility Vs Historical Volatility Vs India VIX
6) IV Percentile and IV Rank

Using Market Profile to understand the Market Context for Option Trading
1) Understand the Basics of Market Profile
2) How to predict Trending Vs Sideways Markets
3) How to trade option in a sideways markets using Market Profile
4) How to trade options in a trending markets using Market Profile
5) Building a option trading plan using Market Profile

Short Term Option Strategies and Money Management Principles
1) Introduction to Option Strategy Repair/Adjustment & Portfolio Greeks
2) Introduction to hedging using Options & futures
3) Adding or Adjusting positions based on the change in market conditions/ technical conditions
4) How to take a short term view using Market Profile

Market Profile Intermediate Level
1) How to prepare for a trading day(Top Down analysis, Pre Market Analysis)
2) Checklist for Day Trading preparation, Key levels to monitor)
3) Initiative Vs Responsive Auctions
4) How to spot acceptance/rejection at key reference levels
5) Traders worksheet for successful implementation of the plan
6) Best Trading Practices

CONVERGE – 2019 Market Profile Traders Conference


CONVERGE – 2019 Market Profile Traders Conference

You know that Market Profile is one of the best tool available for trading, Our Mentors use Market profile extensively to Make a Profitable trades. If you want to learn concepts of Market Profile with live trading examples One Step better then this course is for you.

Better Understanding
Learn the basic concepts in Market Profile With Live Trading Examples & Be the market expert of your own.

Secret to Success
We believe there is no secret sauce for quicker success. Learn the unholy grail concepts and better trading strategy design principles.

Make Ideas Happen
Learn how to Trade With Market Profile logics. Ask Questions on the concepts,Become a pro trader.

Mr. Rajandran
Full Time Trader, Founder of Marketcalls & co-founder of Traderscafe.

Mr. Jay Chandran
(Nifty Wizard), Founder – Nifty Wizard

Mr. Dean
Founder – GTTE

Mr. Ashish H. Kyal
Founder – Waves Strategy Advisors

Topics Covered

Introduction: How I look at MP – Logic / Context / Timing

Logic: Underlying logic of MP – AMT / Wyckoff / Life Cycle Model

Context: Underlying context of MP – Structure / Time / Logic
References: Important References – Intraday / Short Term
Timing: Setups: Information / Action
Trade Setups: Context / Entry / Exits

FREE Preview Webinar on Trading Strategies For Active Traders


FREE Preview Webinar on Trading Strategies For Active Traders

Trading System Basics (Amibroker)
1)Introduction to Amibroker & Amibroker Features
2)Introduction to Trading System
3)How to Backtest a Trading System
4)How to Validate a Trading System
5)Trading Commissions and Slippage Modelling

Rule-Based Trading using TradeStudio (Amibroker)
1)How to use Lintra V3 for Intraday Trading in Bank Nifty and Portfolio of Stocks
2)How to use v-lintra V5 for Positional Bank Nifty Trading on 5min timeframe
3)How to use t-lintra V5 for Positional Bank Nifty Trading on 5min timeframe
4)How to use vlintra ultimate for a Trading portfolio of 30-50 stocks intraday on a 3 min timeframe
5)How to use Quick Flip Trading Strategy for Nifty Futures positional trading
6)How to use Turbo RSI to identify trend reversal and Extreme Indications for Trend Reversal/Partial Profit Booking
7)Automating Trading Strategies using Amibroker
8)Learn when to use supertrend and when not to use supertrend

Discretionary Trading Concepts (Amibroker and Ninjatrader8)
1)How to do Top Down Analysis (Amibroker)
2)How to do volume profile analysis (Amibroker)
3)Introduction to High volume node and low volume node (Amibroker)
4)How to trade during sideways/balancing markets (Amibroker)
5)Introduction to Market Profile Basics (Ninjatrader 8 )
6)Introduction to concepts like Value area, Point of Control and importance of it (Ninjatrader 8 )
7)G2/G3 Trade setups for High probability short covering / Long Liquidation (Ninjatrader 8 )
8)How to Identify strong breakout and weak breakouts (Ninjatrader 8 )
9)Failed Breakout Trading Strategies using market profile (Ninjatrader 8 )
10)Momentum Trading Strategies using market profile (Ninjatrader 8 )
11)How to understand the emotions behind gaps and how to trade gaps.
12)When to trade – before the event/post the event.
13)Managing the Risk with Hedging Positions.


Mr.Rajandran is a Full-time trader and founder of Marketcalls and co-founder of Traderscafe, hugely interested in building timing models, algos , discretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis. He now instructs users all over the world, from experienced traders, professional traders to individual traders.