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Trade Action provides perfect & profitable Trading Signals for Indian Stock Markets. We have tried our best to draw the metrics to redefine the trading with proprietary trading signals and tools that can ease the pains out of the system. It will transform your experience into a new world of Signals trading.

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TRADEx DAILY UPDATES – Tue, 18 September 2018

TRADEx Daily Updates
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The Nifty futures was down by 89.45 points or 0.78% to settle at 11,318.25. Open Interest decreased by 0.52.

Nifty September 2018 futures expected move is +/-1.45.

Nifty options maximum OI outstanding Calls was at 11500 Strike Price and maximum OI outstanding Puts was at 11200 Strike Price.

Nifty PCR-OI: 0.94; Nifty PCR-Volume: 0.92.

Nifty September 2018 Max Pain Level: 11400.

TOP OI GAINER : INDIANB4,398; COI : 1,898(75.92%);
TOP OI LOSER : CHENNPETRO914; COI : -104(-10.22);

Index Futures Turnover( cr.) : 25,382.75
Total F&O Turnover( cr.) : 12,40,622.18

TradeAction Daily Update 18-09-18
TradeAction Daily Update 18-09-18

TRADEx Daily Updates – Mon, 17 September 2018

TRADEx Daily Updates
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The Nifty futures was down by 152.20 points or 1.32% to settle at 11,395.10. Open Interest decreased by 0.95.

Nifty September 2018 futures expected move is +/-1.51.

Nifty options maximum OI outstanding Calls was at 11800 Strike Price and maximum OI outstanding Puts was at 11400 Strike Price.

Nifty PCR-OI: 1.03; Nifty PCR-Volume: 0.87.

Nifty September 2018 Max Pain Level: 11500.

TOP OI GAINER : OFSS 2,411; COI : 553(29.76%);
TOP OI LOSER : BALRAMCHIN3,040; COI : -1,638(-35.01);

Index Futures Turnover( cr.) : 21,057.00
Total F&O Turnover( cr.) : 7,94,587.42

TradeAction Daily Update 17-09-18
TradeAction Daily Update 17-09-18


Financial market trading, particularly full time day trading would be ranked as one of the most intense occupation with extremely high level of skill requirement. The most successful traders are those, who understand their strength and weakness and synchronize their trading strategies based on the learning and experiences over a period of time.
Learning the real art and science behind trading operations, is extremely critical for someone who would like to undertake this as a full time occupation.
Trading bootcamp by StockEdge is a unique offering which helps the participants to learn the art of full time trading by experiencing the same with live market. The course is designed by market participants who are themselves engaged in full time trading and who are keen to share their philosophy with much needed interested participants.

Who should attend

• All participants who would like to build their concepts and participate as traders in market.
• Market Intermediaries who want to take their client engagement activity to the next level.


The bootcamp is designed to provide hands-on practical learning to participants. The entire focus would be to teach various technical analysis and trading concepts and strategies by initiating real trades in the market. The instructor will use BANKNIFTY options and other instruments to illustrate the strategies which a trader could execute in market in various conditions. Hands-on Intraday trading strategies with proper money management and risk-reward ratio will help the participants to trade with an Edge. Students will be able understand the application of derivative data like Volume , Open Interest and Volatility which will help use market sentiments as an important tool.


• Next Level Technical Analysis: Candlestick pattern analysis, Bollinger Band and Super trend indicators.
• Intraday scalping strategy in 15 minutes and 60 minutes time frame, scalping based on breakouts.
• How to play earnings – A fixed rule-based intraday strategy which will operate on a risk-reward ratio of 2:1 and this will cover 500 top companies of India.
• Understanding Bank Nifty Thursday Expiry Setup – This intraday strategy will take place depending on the type of the market (breakout or range). This strategy operates on a risk-reward ratio of 2:1.
• Using State of the Art StockEdge combination scans to combine Fundamental and Technical Analysis criteria together in one scan which will be helpful for short and medium term trading.
• Follow-up on Stockedge combination scans: Discussing user scans and giving out one in house proprietary scan.
• Double swing trading setup: It is a fixed rule trading system in Nifty 50 stocks where entry, exits and trade management is designed to find the trading advantage and the setup is held for a 0-15 trading session. Live case studies will be taken, long and short positions both can be taken with this setup.
• Derivative Analytics: Analysing NSE Bhavcopy of derivative and cash segment in excel to find out support and resistances of stocks in derivative segment. Learning to correlate volume, delivery volume, price action, and OI build-up.
• Understanding Options: an Understanding the core of successful options trading.
• Scalping through Options: Learning the simple but effective way of intra-day scalping in index options in 10 and 15 minutes time frame.

Stock Edge Club:

StockEdge Club is a unique concept which is helping people to not just learn the various aspects of a market through its bundled offerings including StockEdge premium annual subscription but also connecting the participant with market experts for real-time doubt clearing, concept building& Idea generation. For More Details About StockEdge Club…



Divergences is a common term used by technical analysts and they love to trade based on this concept. However there are more to these divergences than just possible contrarian fall or rise. Well, many a times these divergences fail miserably to trigger stop losses. In this webinar we will look into a deeper aspect of divergences and understand when to use them and not.


• Dissect Divergence as a concept.
• How to approach divergence in trading – to trade or to confirm.

What Will You Learn?

• Different types of divergences with RSI.
• Divergences with other indicators like MACD, MACD Histogram and AO.
• When to trade into a divergence and when to let it just pass.


Abhijit Paul-B. Sc., MBA (Finance), Expert Analyst at CNBC

About the Mentor

Abhijit Paul likes to define himself with the 3is – investor, instructor, and influencer. With over 13 years of experience in the Indian Financial markets, he has played pivotal roles in institutions like ICICI Securities and BRICS Securities, Mumbai.

Currently, he is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst (Registration# INH 300003512) and offers unparalleled services to his client. He believes in context to be more important than content which reflects in his offerings like alphaBETS, WealthBees.

For More Details, Please visit http://www.tradeaction.in/blog/events/divergences-truths-myths/